1. (general) allègre 2. (feliz) enjoué; jovial 3. (comedia) badin {formal}; léger
4. (fiesta) animé; plein d'entrain 5. (habitación) coloré; vif; gai 6. (estado emocional) joyeux; heureux; folâtre; gai; de bonne humeur; allègre; riant; réjoui
7. (vestuario) joli 8. (persona) d'humeur gaie; gaillard


Porto Alegre is a beautiful city.
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Commissioner, in the same vein as my fellow Members, I would like to draw some comparisons between New York and Porto Alegre.
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Davos was not a hotbed of neo-liberalism, nor was Porto Alegre simply an anti-Davos demonstration.
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Finally, whether we are talking about Porto Alegre or Davos, what we need is practical action.
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Fortunately, in Davos I was able to talk about Porto Alegre in detail with President Lula of Brazil, a good friend of mine.
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However, some commentators have stated that the Porto Alegre meeting was more important than the one in New York.
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I feel that this is the message that has reached us here in Europe this year, from both Porto Alegre and Davos.
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I have just returned from the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
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In a way, this global regulation is the synthesis that we are trying to achieve of Porto Alegre and Davos.
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In this respect, the views and concerns of Davos and of Porto Alegre are perhaps not so far apart.
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1. contento: satisfecho, alborozado, animado, gozoso
2. jovial: divertido, jocoso
3. bebido: achispado
4. alumbrado: vivo
5. ligero: arriscado

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