(形) 生きている; 現行の; 生き写しの
(名) 暮らし; 生活; 生計; 収入
(動) 住む; 生活をする; 生きる; 送る; 暮らす; 過ごす; 生息する


I am from New York, but for six months I have been living in Barcelona.
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I arrived in Spain in March, and I have since been living with some very friendly boys and girls, sharing a beautiful apartment in the centre of Barcelona.
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It is a pleasure to live in the centre of such a beautiful city.
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Everything is very close, even the University. In the house we live are four room-mates.
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Don’t you think they are incredible? We get along very well and living with them is really easy.
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I live in London for two years, but I was lucky enough to study for a couple of years in Spain.
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My husband Stephen and I live in a little village in the US middle west.
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It is surprising that the cat has lived for even that long.
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His parents were our guests in the house I own in Venice, on the lagoon, where we had chosen to live after the wedding.
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Being present at this sight is an extremely touching feeling, not only for tourists, but for all Venetians who live the city everyday, too.
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1. existing: surviving, alive, live, extant, animate, animated, vital
2. active: lively, vigourous, quickening, strong
3. livelihood: work, sustenance, support, subsistence, vocation, business, bread
4. existing: surviving, being

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